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RDA Preconference


Continuing Education Workshop

Hit the Ground Running! RDA Training for Music Catalogers

February 27, 2013, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., San Jose, California, Fairmont Hotel

Sponsored by the MLA Bibliographic Control Committee, the MLA Education Committee,

the MLA Educational Outreach Subcommittee, and the Music OCLC Users Group


This preconference workshop will provide catalogers with essential training as implementation of RDA at the national level draws near.  The workshop will include two 3-hour sessions, one on authority work (providing access) and one on bibliographic work (resource description).  This preconference will provide hands-on opportunities for attendees to catalog music resources using RDA.

Part I: Providing Access
Description: Attendees will learn the concepts employed in identifying musical works, musical expressions, persons, families, and corporate bodies, and they will have the opportunity to create authorized access points representing these entities according to the instructions in RDA chapters 5-6 and 8-11.  Attendees will learn about the recent additions to the MARC21 Authorities Format for recording work information (such as composition date, medium of performance, form, numeric designation, and key) and for recording information associated with creators (persons, families, corporate bodies).  This session will also include review and application of: the rules in RDA chapters 18-20 for recording the relationships of persons, families, and corporate bodies associated with a work or an expression; the rules in RDA chapters 24-26 for recording the relationships between related works and expressions; and the rules in RDA chapters 29-32 for recording the relationships between related persons, families, and corporate bodies.

 Part II: Resource Description

            Description: Attendees will have the opportunity to create bibliographic records for an assortment of musical resources, using RDA as well as workflows from the RDA Toolkit. Attendees will become comfortable using chapter 2 of RDA to record elements such as title, statement of responsibility, edition statement, and publication/distribution/manufacture statement to describe manifestations; using chapter 3 of RDA to record elements such as media type, carrier type, extent, dimensions, and sound characteristics to describe carriers; and using chapter 7 of RDA to record elements such as form of notation, sound content, format of notated music, medium of performance of musical content, and duration to describe content. Formats will include score, audio recording, and libretto.


 Kathy Glennan, Mary Huismann, Damian Iseminger, Kevin Kishimoto, Nancy Lorimer, Raymond Schmidt, Tracey Snyder, Hermine Vermeij

Registration Information:

 Cost:  MLA Members $75.00             Non-Members $85.00

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